Radio Trapani is the alter ego and anagram of Dario Trapani, artist and producer currently based in
Amsterdam. He was born and raised in Domodossola, a small town in northern Italy, where he had an
active interest in creativity since a early age.

Deeply rooted in jazz and electronica, his work is a direct manifestation of his eclectic
listenings: heavily processed and often synth-based, his music mixes elements of indie, bossa nova,
hip-hop and IDM. Most of his songs were inspired by queerness as well as by the direct consequences
of love.

Over the years he has played in a variety of projects, moving between different genres and musical
scenes. In 2021 he released How To Pretend, the first EP by Year of Summers, a duo created with
South African singer Alison Rachel (also vocalist of HONEYMOAN).

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